"What I took away from it was how to approach business in China, how to meet people and greet people, and be polite, and understand their culture a little bit more. 


My plan is to probably go to China and meet some sub-contractors and integrate them into my business. And so, understanding how their culture works is really important.


I’ll definitely do it. Lots of fun, great introduction, really whetted my appetite to learn more." 

Derek, Engineer, Lismore

It was really good to do the course, because I work in the health industry, on the frontline, and I think if you can speak a little bit of Chinese with the patients when they come in, it will identify you as a kind person, they’re more likely to open up and be more honest. 


00:21 There’s always a lag between getting a medical translator available, so in that time, we can build a rapport and get to know them, and try to help them, which is really good.


00:35 Lisa’s a great teacher, and I want to support her, there’s not many westerners around, Caucasians, teaching Chinese


00:45 It’s a good way to learn, she’s approachable and is a really good teacher. I’ll be out, down the beach, speaking Chinese before I know it.

Sheri, Health Professional, Robina

"I’m in mortgage finance, and I now understand that I really couldn’t deal effectively with Chinese clients without a course like this. I just wouldn’t even know any of the things that I was doing wrong and disrespectful.


Anyone in the business sector should consider a course like this if there’s any chance they’re going to be dealing with Chinese people.


It’s been great. It’s been fun, engaging, very interactive, loved it." 


John, Finance, Elanora